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Disappear your Debt Liability Transfer Program

The heart of this DYD program, for many people, is to simply use a business name to take on off balance sheet debt that does not appear on your record. Then that money can be used at much lower rates to pay off personal debt, like credit cards.

When you move debt out of your name using this method:

*your FICO credit score goes up

*you can borrow more money personally and as a business

*your interest rates go way down

*you are never turned down when you have a low debt to income ratio

Here is the training on how to start doing this.

License to Print Money Teeshop

The best way to start using your License to Print Money program is to

(1) call our office for a free coaching session

(2) read all the course instructions found in the download area and

(3) explore the main Tee Spring website to see how others, like you, are using it to cash in on simple T-shirt campaigns.


These valuable contents cover everything from how to get set up, to

how to load a ready-made T-shirt to sell it to

where to get the best custom designs made for you.

And many other money making tips with instructions.


a)Pick a ready shirt design (or get a custom one made)

b)Load shirt design as a campaign (pick length from 3-10 days)

c)Post a 2 sentence notice on your facebook T-SHOP telling people that these cool shirts are available (and if you also use the image of the shirt on facebook that is beautiful)

d)Boost your post for maximum results

e)Repeat again with a new color or new design

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Certified Biz Broker Commission Income Program

This certified business broker program is a fantastic way to direct friends, clients and even strangers to a custom business website which we have set up for you and that you make cash commissions from.

Here is an Example of that Site. Go to:

To gain access to your own special webpage that ties directly to our system please call our office during business hours at: 702-287-4931

Here is a sample of our COMMISSION PAYOUT TABLE

The Small Business Funding Network pays these commissions to you on each listed product sold through your word of mouth or by your custom website:

50% Biz Funding Triple Crown

50% Business in a Box

50% Monthly Business Funding Membership (perpetual commissions)

50% Annual Business Funding Access

50% Monthly Cash Club Membership (perpetual commissions)

50% Annual Cash Club Membership

50% License to Print Money (T-shirt Business Program)

50% Gold Power Investing Program

50% Workshop tix, Seminar tix, LV Junket tix

50% Commission Paid on any related upgrades order directly at the point of sale with the purchase of above programs

The company reserves the right to amend commission structure at any time with notice. The published commission rates on the date of sale will be the prevailing guideline for what is earned on each sale and paid to the affiliate broker.

SuperNet Affiliate Software System

The best, and most profitable way, to use this Supernet system you now have access to is to let us directly connect it to any affiliate account you have access to.

We highly recommend you register with a company like ClickBank if you don’t currently have a direct affiliate account yet.

We can then tie any affiliate account offers of your to this fantastic software by phone when you talk to our office!

Annual Funding Program Access

Welcome to the Insiders Resource site that is reserved exclusively for members of the Small Business Funding Network.

Here you will find all the funding, detailed instructions and materials that come with your program. This is also the location where we will place free member updates as new programs become available!

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