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The proper term for this kind of business funding source is actually called non-recourse funding – meaning that there is no recourse back to the business owner and no personal risk to the individual who owns the business if the money borrowed is not able to be paid back.
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PS: here are some of the great question we have gotten about how this program works and the clear answers:

2:29 PM Jamil Abdul-Rahman (Barbersonice08@) posted – Is this funding based on PG or strictly through EIN?

Answer – it is No personal guarantee and is only done through the business EIN.

12:31 PM Robbie Rodehaver (robbie19571957@) posted – how soon or rather how long will I have to wait to get funding ? My business is start up and needing phones and computers to work from the home till I can put money into compact.

Answer – You can get this funding right away without delay.

8:16 AM Randy (haassettrandy@) posted – can i get funding if i work from home.

Answer – Yes you can.

12:05 PM Harry Louis (harry.stlouis@realestate) posted – what if I had a bankruptcy within the last 5 years?
Answer – Your personal situation or score has no bearing on getting this kind of No PG funding.

10:14 AM Will King (will@ntime) posted – Does the business need to have a certain amount of monthly revenue to qualify?

Answer – No it does not. This works for start ups.

8:07 PM Carmen (carmb3@) posted – I want to use the money to buy real estate cash offers only then flip these property. Can I do that? And do this funding source want there money back within 7-30 days

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Answer – This is long term funding that can be used for any purpose including for real estate investing.

Note: Our money back guarantee (less shipping and handling) may be used by returning the package contents within 30 days of date of purchase to the address on the product.

You are certain to get this kind of No PG business funding by using one or more of our recommended lending sources and by following the instructions provided.

Thank you for your support!