This is the cost of and the terms for entering into the 6-figure licensing program with CashflowExperts.

The cost of this program is essentially nothing, because you will have more money go directly into your new account we set up for you than you are investing here.

The cost to get started is a $99 refundable application fee right now and a $149 Licensing Rights Fee which is due immediately after you sign the standard NDA and are accepted into program.

You will be vetted and screened, over the phone, before you are fully accepted as a licensee of our products. We take our business brand, which we have carefully built over the last 13 years, very seriously, and we need to be sure you will take this opportunity seriously too.

We will quickly and simply confirm that you are the right type of business person to work directly with us and that you are someone with a positive attitude (which is the most important attribute to success).

You don’t need to currently have a big business or a lot of assets to join this 6-figure licensing program. You just need to be able to follow our recommendations and possess a willingness to help people – which is what these products are all about that you will become an ambassador of!

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You can be accepted into this program in as little as 24 hours and can be up and running with money going directly into your bank account in less than 14 days in most cases.

All we need to do on our end is receive your signed NDA, briefly talk to you on the phone, set up your new account and electronically connect it to the websites you will be given that sell the products under the licensing agreement you are enrolling in.

Its, fast and its simple if you promptly return our calls once you have enrolled here and we call to welcome you. (a welcome package will also immediately be sent to you with your order here)

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As soon as you order here, you will be directed to a welcome VIDEO on the next website that lays out each of the products you get the licensing rights to as a full partner of ours, lists the bonuses you can get and quickly takes you through the basic steps of this program so you will be well informed when we follow up with you by phone.

If for any reason you want to return the welcome package of materials we are sending you within 30 days of enrollment and not become a licensee – your application fee will be refunded, no questions asked.

Thanks, Tom.

PS: remember that this offer is on a strict enrollment deadline and many people will find they are too late to access it if they delay. So make sure you order TONIGHT by the 11:59pm deadline to assure your spot in this 6-Figure Licensing program.