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The New Magic Number for Your Business is ONE Million DOLLARS in Funding Thanks To Our Massive New Title 3 Funding Program!
Title 3 Funding is the best development in the last 75 years when it comes to getting the largest single source of money your business will ever be able to access without requiring any kind of personal guarantee.
This is NOT Government money. It is not bank money. It is individual funding from the public sector that is invested into your business to be used any way you see fit, so you have maximum control and zero risk.

From the Small Biz Funding Experts!
RE: How to use our new Title 3 Funding program.

Our brand new Title 3 Funding program will allow you to now access up to $1,000,000 each year in the most preferred rate structure your ever likely to see again in your lifetime.

GOOD NEWS – The government does not have anything to do with giving you this money, but the government does now allow you, for the first time, to be funded for your business ideas by individual investors. In the past this was not possible but about a year ago the flood gates were opened and now you can be funded by anyone who wants to invest in your business if you have someone as an outside (third party) help you with this process.
This is a huge advantage and big breakthrough for start-up businesses and people looking for big growth.
Your business is now allowed to accept money from anyone, not just qualified investors and you can get $1,000,000 each year of this kind of Title 3 Funding.
The Question is: do you know how to do it, do you know where this $ is waiting for you at and do you have a well thought out plan for what you will do with this kind of 1 Million Dollar funding source when it is given to you?
We are the Small Biz Funding Network, a 15 year old company as of last July. We have helped thousands of people already access millions in basic business funding and private money.
We even worked directly with the people who drafted this legislation and financially supported the efforts that got this Title 3 funding access passed in the national legislature.
Translation – we gave thousands of dollars to the lobbyist that petitioned the government to get the laws passed and changed that now allow you to get this kind of money directly. We are very proud that we were on the forefront of all this as leading advocates for improved small biz funding access.
THE QUESTION People Have Is – What is Title 3 funding and how is it done?
It is not a loan. It is not government sponsored. It is an investment people make in your business in exchange for a possible return that you choose and promise.
For example, You can say I am starting a business or expanding my current business and I am willing to give 5% of the profits that business makes to people who invest in it.
Our company, and services, helps you position yourself to do that and we show you where to go to get the money. In fact, if you work with us, you could get access to our entire group of investors, friends and members. Think of that. We can help set up your offering properly and could put you in front of all the hundreds of thousands of people who already know us and trust us. Then YOU let them invest money into your business.
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You have, right here, found the best chance ever afforded to you to provide yourself with single source funding that amounts to 7 figures per year without the need of providing personal guarantees of any kind!
Thanks, Tom.

NOTE: Our money back guarantee (less shipping and handling) may be used by returning the package contents within 30 days of date of purchase to the address on the product if not satisfied for any reason.

There are so many options for increasing your funding access, and more importantly, increasing your income found in this program that your sure to be delighted.

You as the purchaser of this program are solely responsible for following or meeting any compliance steps that may be necessary in acquiring this kind of business funding.